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Carolinas Cutting Horse Association was formed by a group of NCHA Members in 2022 to bring a membership ran and led National Cutting Horse Association Affiliate to North and South Carolina.  A petition of over 30 NCHA members was gathered by Ric Rumble in the Summer of 2022 at a weekend show in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  The non-profit was formed along with the initial board and officers assembled in the Fall of 2022. 


We are a volunteer led registered non-profit and official affiliate of the National Cutting Horse Association 

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"The Carolina Cutting Horse Association (CCHA), is an affiliate of the NCHA and is dedicated to maintaining the standards of cutting and attracting new participants to the sport in the States of North and South Carolina as well as the surrounding areas. The association shall regularly sanction competitions within the States of North and South Carolina. Not less than two events shall be held annually.

The CCHA shall be open to but not required to collaborate with other NCHA affiliates or individual event promoters."

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